Continuous Delivery in a NutShell

Mainline Workflow


I want to do a tl;dr of a workflow, that two years ago seemed insane, but now would seem impossible for me to work without and still feel efficient. The topic of Continuous Delivery and Mainline workflow.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Atlassian
  • WordPress
  • Intercom
  • IMVU, since 2009 (50 deployments/day)
  • Wealthfront, since 2010
  • Etsy, since 2010
  • DISQUS, since 2011
  • Box, since 2013
  • Hubspot, since 2013 (300 deployments/day)
  • Tesla and Adobe

Day to day responsibilities of the developers

credit to The Lego Group


Code Review

Feature Flags


  • The code will be built on the server catching “it works on my machine issues”
  • The tests has to pass.
  • The style rules have to pass


  • composer install — which can have moments where Github fails or http issue
  • yarn install — still some risk here of server issues

Long QA Branches

There are those moments when QA and regulations are blocking you. But this then turns into a “release branch” and not a tag.

Credit to the Continuous Delivery Book


Jez Humble and Continuous Deliver 20017 Keynote: Continous Delivery Sounds Great By Jez Humble @ Agile India 2017 — YouTube


[1] Or even going to staging with an “artifact” will be good enough since that will be sent as a whole to production. ↩︎



Application Developer, PHP, Javascript, Laravel, Angular

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