May 23, 2021

This first post is part one of three. In this series I will cover the following topics.

  • PT 1 CI — Simple Continuous Integration using GitHub Actions

thanks for the article. It is a bummer Xdebug is not included. Just had a few questions

1) do you have a link to a working project with this in place?

2) was SAILDEBUG supposed to be SAIL_DEBUG or the other way around? Seems the .env file has one version and you then reference another

3) the docker build step you do not add the build arg XDEBUG was that on purpose?

Thanks again!

This post will be a…

Next time I needed this info, I just wanted to make sure that I have the links I need concerning the Accelerate book and Software Delivery Performance. So I will use this page to continue to add info about these resources.

The links below really are all related as the…

Suggestions Around Building a Good Development Team in Parallel to Building a Good Product

Behind any project there has to be processes in place to build a culture of good coding habits for developers…

Mainline Workflow


I want to do a tl;dr of a workflow, that two years ago seemed insane…


Thanks to Andrew Cavanagh for proofing this and Matt Lantz

Since I…

Meetings are needed, most of them at least, and when I worked with a team that was all in the same timezone I was easily able to say, “Between 1–4 I am coding/focusing” or “Between 6am and 9am” I am coding. …

This is something we have been doing a lot for a team I am on, and I feel that Laravel 5.4 Slack feature might be more than I need in most cases like this one. …

This article can be listened too here or in your favorite podcast player

Whether you are working Waterfall, or Agile we still need to quote out the time it will take for new features. We still need to give the product owners, or the people with the money, a sense…

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